Why do dental implants have such a wide price range?

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Have you wondered why some practices are offering quite expensive implants while others get away with offering implants for much cheaper than the average price?

What is the average cost of dental implants in Australia?

The cost of dental implants in Australia can vary, the fees for a single implant and crown can vary from $3000 being at the lower end of the spectrum to $7500 being at the higher end. From a lay person’s point of view, it is hard to understand why the costs vary so much. To understand this, we need to break down some important factors leading to this variation in cost so that you can make an informed decision about where you choose to have your dental implant.

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Treating clinician’s training: Your average general dentist is likely to treat simple cases and is likely to have done a few industry run courses run by dental implant companies. Dental specialists would have had university level training in regards to either dental implant surgery (oral surgeons, periodontists) or dental implant prosthodontics such as crowns, bridges or dentures (prosthodontists). Dr Burhaan Kassim from Southside Dental Implants in Brisbane has completed a master’s degree (Griffith University on the Gold Coast) specific to everything in regards to dental implants. This includes extensive training in both the surgery and prosthodontics disciplines in relation to dental implants. This enables most cases to be done in the one location by Dr Kassim himself and is more convenient for patients. Patients enjoy the consistency of having the one clinician treat their concern from beginning to end.

Treating clinician’s experience: It’s only natural to assume the more you do at one thing, the better you get at doing it. Following on from this when you decide on a particular clinician to complete your dental implant treatment logic would suggest you look for someone who has completed many cases – there are some things university can’t teach, and there is no substitute for gaining valuable knowledge through in surgery hours treating patients. At Southside Dental Implants, Dr Kassim runs a practice specific to dental implants right here in Sunnybank, on the Southside of Brisbane. He has completed many cases and is backed by a full complement of experienced staff to ensure you are well looked after and in safe hands.


Quality/Materials of lab work (the actual prosthetic tooth/teeth that you can see attached to the implant): This is the single most important factor in regards to cost cutting measures that dentists use to reduce overheads and offer reduced prices. One question worth asking is, does the lab work get sent overseas? It pays to do some homework in this regard as many dentists use “Australian dental laboratories” which are large corporate style labs that may be based in Sydney or Melbourne but outsource some or all of the work to China and they may not be forthcoming about this fact. If this is the case, do you know what materials are going into your implant prosthesis/crown that is going to be in your mouth for years to come? Is it structurally inferior in strength or worse still is it toxic? It is entirely possible there may be toxic metallic compounds within the prosthesis that you will not find in real Australian made labs, this is due to the stringent standards that Australian technicians adhere to. At Southside Dental Implants in Brisbane, we use local technicians based in Brisbane. It is very likely you will personally meet them as they are real artists and are often directly involved in your care. They have a passion for their craft and regarding quality, way surpass factory line style overseas laboratories.


The Southside Dental Implants Difference

At Southside Dental Implants we know all of our patients, they feel comfortable coming back to us if they have complications or even questions. Our patients are comfortable and relaxed in our tranquil practice, our team and friendly reception staff are like a family which makes our patients feel at ease. Our experienced staff and principal dentist, Dr Burhaan Kassim pride themselves on their knowledge and attention to detail. We will work closely with you to ensure you are getting the right treatment to regain your oral health. We are also proud to say we use the highest quality products and materials which happen to be locally-sourced. At Southside Dental Implants we believe it’s so important to be a great, supporting member of your local community.

It’s so important to ensure you are getting the most value for your dollar. However, ensuring the quality of your dental implants should be a high priority. If you are paying half the price now for implants but in years to come you have to get them replaced – is it worth it? At Southside Dental Implants in Brisbane, we provide affordable dental implant treatment without skimping on quality. In fact, quality is what we pride ourselves on here at Southside Dental Implants. If you would like to book a consultation, click here to contact us today.

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