How to Choose an Implant Dentist

If you’re looking to get dental implants, you might be asking yourself: How do I choose a good implant dentist? An experienced dentist who is specially trained in the field can certainly help you out with this process, but even more importantly, they can ensure that your implants work well with your existing teeth and gums and meet all of your oral health needs. Here are just some of the qualities to look for in an implant dentist.


The best implant dentists have a great deal of experience. In order to determine whether or not a dentist has sufficient training and experience with implants a good place to start is to examine their educational background and prior experience. Implants are very complex procedures and should be performed only by someone who is trained in placing them. This doesn’t mean you can’t find quality care at a small practice—it just means that patients should ask questions about how long each dentist in practice has been doing implants, what kind of results they have gotten in previous cases, and how many implants they place on average per year. It may also be helpful to see before-and-after photos from a wide variety of patients treated by that implant dentist.

A Happy, Friendly Staff

Working with professionals you like and trust makes all the difference. Whether you’re working with a lawyer, real estate agent or doctor, it helps if they make you feel comfortable and confident in their ability to help you reach your goals. That’s why it’s so important that your implant dentist has a friendly team that can answer any questions you might have about dentistry in general, or about implants specifically. Most people want a long-term relationship with their dentist; not just someone who installs dental implants once or twice over a couple of years. When choosing an implant specialist, consider whether or not they seem genuinely interested in what motivates you as a patient.

Good Communication

A good implant dentist understands that communication is key. You will likely have a large number of questions as you begin your dental implant treatment, and it’s important that you have complete confidence in your dentist. He or she should be able to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns before moving forward with any procedures. If he or she doesn’t seem completely comfortable answering certain questions, you may want to consider looking for another dentist who can provide more detailed information about their practice and their training experience. Of course, many dentists are understandably hesitant about discussing financial costs up front, but be sure you understand how much treatment will cost from start to finish before beginning any work at all so there are no surprises later on.

Modern Office and Technology

The technology used in a dentist’s office is one of two things: It can be very modern, or it can be incredibly outdated. Unfortunately, there’s no cut-and-dry way to tell whether a dentist is using modern technology, but there are some red flags you should look out for. For example, a dentist who still uses paper charts might not be aware of newer technologies that streamline workflow and make patient communication more effective. If your dentist doesn’t have multiple monitor setups for both himself and his patients, it might also mean he’s not up on new systems for educating patients about oral health and procedures like gum disease treatment.

Choosing the Right Dentist for the Job

You need an implant dentist who can do more than provide you with a shiny new set of pearly whites. When it comes to implants, you need an experienced professional who can guide you through every step of your treatment process and ensure that your surgery and recovery go smoothly. The ideal dental team for your implants should be highly trained in current practices and procedures, along with providing top-notch customer service and support from start to finish. Make sure your dentist is willing to personally see you before, during, and after implant surgery; and ask how many years they’ve been treating patients with all types of implant issues.


The best way to find a good dentist is through referral. If you’re new in town, ask your friends and family for recommendations. Just be sure to check their credentials on your own (and definitely do before any major work is done). After getting a list of candidates, interview each one face-to-face. There are many things you can learn about a dentist just by talking with them—like how they treat their staff, what kind of care they offer patients, and how seriously they take their responsibilities.

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