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Southside Dental Implants

Our team consists of well-qualified, experienced, skilled and caring dental professionals who are dedicated to achieving outstanding results for our patients. The team at Southside Dental Implants in Sunnybank are dedicated to providing unique care in a tranquil environment and keeping up to date on the most advanced approaches to implant dentistry.

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Our team includes experts in implant dentistry

Knowing you are choosing an expert to work on your dental needs can be a comforting feeling, especially when undergoing complex dental treatments such as implant dentistry. Dr Burhaan Kassim has completed a Masters qualification in implant dentistry. His experience and expertise in the industry puts our patients at ease and can reassure you that you are making the best decision by using Southside Dental Implants for your implant needs.

At Southside Dental Implants located in Sunnybank, we focus purely on dental implant restorations and follow extremely high standards. Our commitment to excellence is illustrated by the following:

  • Dr Burhaan Kassim is a licensed, trained and highly qualified dentist focusing on implant dentistry
  • We treat each patient as a valued individual and pride ourselves on the relationship made with our patients
  • We employ the most reliable and effective dental implant techniques to facilitate exceptional results
  • Our team includes well-trained, experienced and helpful dental professionals who provide carefully planned appointment schedules, detailed consultations and assessments, and an outline of available payment options

About us - Southside Dental Implants

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