Single Tooth Replacement

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  • Complete a damaged or lacking smile
  • Our dental implants are durable and long lasting
  • They also both look and feel authentic
  • And they help stimulate your jaw bone so your facial structure remains healthy
Single Tooth Replacement - Southside Dental Implants
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“Are you looking to replace your lost tooth? At Southside Dental Implants, Brisbane, we offer dental implants, the closest thing to a natural tooth.”

— Dr Burhaan Kassim

Replacing one missing tooth with dental implants

There are many benefits to replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant. The main benefit is that the tooth is replaced with a long-lasting restoration that does not pose any risk to your other natural teeth. At Southside Dental Implants located in the McCullough Dental Centre in Sunnybank, our single tooth dental implant treatment will ensure your new tooth blends naturally with the rest of your teeth.

What is a single tooth replacement?

A dental implant, compared to other available treatments to replace teeth, is the closest thing to a natural tooth. Your dental implant will substitute the gap left in between your remaining teeth with a permanent, natural looking prosthetic tooth that is attached to your implant.

When you visit Southside Dental Implants we will first evaluate your oral health to determine the best plan and treatment for your oral health. We will then schedule an appointment to place the implant.

Disclaimer: Please note that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.  

The time it takes for the implant to heal around the implant will depend on a number of factors including:

•  Your oral health

•  Your overall health

•  Whether the implant is placed in the upper or lower jaw

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Looking after an implant restoration

One of the advantages of this dental implant procedure is that you can maintain it the same way you look after your natural teeth: this means brushing and flossing as you normally would. It is also important following restorative dentistry that you regularly visit your dentist to ensure both your continued oral health and the continued health of your implant restoration.

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