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The Southside Dental Implants difference

At Southside Dental Implants we aim to provide a comfortable and relaxed treatment experience. Before we proceed with treatment, we discuss all the options with our patients to determine their requirements and what they are looking to achieve from their dental implant treatment. We would then recommend the treatment option that we feel would be best for your oral health and achieve the most optimal result.

A focus on quality and attention to detail

When choosing a dentist it is necessary to make sure they are experienced and have the necessary qualifications to carry out your desired treatment. Here at Southside Dental Implants in Sunnybank, we put a particular focus on the quality of work we perform. Dr Burhaan Kassim is a perfectionist, and when it comes to dental implant surgery, this is the key to achieving optimal results. Every treatment is performed with care and precision to ensure we uphold our standards to the highest quality.

Dr Burhaan Kassim is an expert in implant dentistry

Choosing an expert will give you confidence and help ease anxiety towards your implant surgery. Dr Burhaan Kassim has formal postgraduate qualifications specific to implant dentistry. He has presented his research to the Australian Osseointegration Society and his work has been published in the Australian Dental Journal.

Our expertise in implant dentistry provides a solution to a great deal of dental distress

Implant dentistry can restore and replace your oral hygiene and eliminate dental discomfort through single and multiple tooth replacements, full arch restorations and implant-supported dentures. Our treatments at Southside Dental Implants in Sunnybank work towards achieving your dental needs and improving upon any imperfections or problem areas in your mouth. Through our implant treatments and professional expertise, we can work with you to safely and comfortably gain and maintain a brilliant smile.

If you are interested in learning more about implant dentistry, please call us and arrange a free information gathering, consultation session to learn about whether dental implants are the right solution for you.

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