Dental Implants Versus Traditional Dentures


Do you have a missing tooth, or teeth, and are considering your options for replacement? Southside Dental Implants have some points for you to consider if you are choosing between traditional dentures and dental implants.

In this day and age, the advances in dental techniques mean a patient no longer has to settle for traditional dentures to replace missing teeth. People may feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their smile if they have lost one or more teeth. There are also other problems that may arise from missing teeth, some of which include discomfort and troubles eating or speaking properly.

Let’s consider two main options for replacing missing teeth: dental implants and dentures.


In decades past, dentures have been the main solution for the problem of missing teeth. They are made from cast metal, acrylic and porcelain; and are designed specifically to your mouth’s measurements to fit into the cavities where the teeth have been lost.


  • Traditional dentures cost less than implants and are simpler to have fitted especially if you have many teeth to replace
  • For patients who are not suited to implants, they are a good option


  • Movement and slippage can occur as a result of an insecure bond
  • Problems with eating, speaking and smiling can occur
  • Getting used to wearing them may take time
  • Dentures may look and feel less natural than implants and real teeth
  • Discomfort, irritation and sores may be experienced
  • Regular cleaning is essential
  • Extra saliva accumulates in the mouth
  • Replacement will be required due to wear and tear, and as your jaw and mouth changes over time
  • The bone tissue is not preserved, which can result in the bone receding and possible facial collapse

Dental Implants

The newer alternative to dentures is the more durable dental implant, made of special materials (medical-grade metal and titanium) that are compatible with the human body. By attaching the implants to the bone tissue and jaw where the teeth once were, this solution is permanent and will fuse over time with your jawbones to become fully integrated.


  • The success rate is very high when surgery is performed by skilled oral surgeons
  • The bond is secure, therefore slipping is not an issue
  • They look like and function the same way as your natural teeth
  • The jaw bone tissue is preserved
  • They prevent deterioration of the bone and gums
  • The solution is long-lasting, if not permanent
  • Lower maintenance once fitted


  • Implants are more expensive than dentures
  • Multi-step process with surgical procedures required
  • Bone grafts may be required to make up adequate bone tissue prior to implant procedure

Consult with Dr Burhaan Kassim at Southside Dental Implants in Sunnybank, Brisbane

If you are seeking a solution to a missing tooth or teeth and are weighing up your options, take a closer look at dental implants. Better yet, contact our friendly team at Southside Dental Implants to make an appointment with Dr Burhaan Kassim who is our principal dentist and has attained a Masters of Clinical Dentistry in Implant Dentistry. Dr Kassim will be able to talk you through what will be best for your ongoing dental health and happiness.

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