How long do dental implants last?

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This is a question that our team at Southside Dental Implants in Brisbane are asked practically every day. The simple answer to this is that we just do not know! The problem, which really is not such a big problem to have, is that generally dental implants are so successful that we do not have a study that has tracked enough people over a sufficient period of time to accurately predict how long they will last.

What could cause a dental implant to fail?

In terms of implant failure, or loss of the implant, there are two ways in which this can happen – early failure and late failure.

·         Early dental implant failure

Early failure refers to failure of the implant to osseointegrate, or fuse to the bone. This happens within 3 months of implant placement and roughly speaking, literature tells us there is a 2.5% chance of this happening.

·         Late dental implant failure

Late failure occurs many years down the track and is similar to gum disease around a natural tooth. Late failure is more likely to occur if you smoke or have gum disease around your original teeth or other conditions like uncontrolled diabetes. The chances of losing an implant due to late failure is much less if you have your implant checked annually for the signs of gum disease. If caught early, treatment is much easier and may potentially save your implant.

At Southside Dental Implants in Brisbane we send all of our patients reminders when they are due for inspection because we understand the importance of protecting your investment and ensuring they last.

With proper care and a good oral hygiene routine, your dental implant can last a lifetime

The desire to replace lost teeth using implants has been present for hundreds of years. Scientists have discovered ancient skulls with carved stones or seashells implanted in the jaw. The first human recipient of a modern dental implant was Gösta Larsson in 1965. These implants were still in function until his death in 2006. So his implants lasted 40 years!

At Southside Dental Implants in Brisbane you can have confidence you are receiving premium quality, internationally recognised dental implants by a tertiary qualified dental surgeon with special training in dental implants. We want your dental implant treatment to last as long as you do so we go the extra mile during the whole treatment process.

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